The Supply Chain Management System Inc. Launches CPIM Exam Simulator Software

Published: 07th February 2011
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The Supply Chain Management System Inc. has launched CPIM Exam Simulator Software which helps candidates practice and solves questions for ultimate optimized learning. The 2010 CPIM exam content manual will help candidates get acquainted with the syllabus, questions, and question patterns, etc. Thus, despite being one of the toughest tests, CPIM test becomes one of the easiest exams for those who use the CPIM Exam Simulator software.

The launched program is expected to assist aspiring candidates practice the questions which are compiled by researchers and collectors so that they ultimately do not feel new to the questions asked in the final exam. Nonetheless, the program is featured with attractive features includes the following:

Like real test, there are just 75 Questions per exam so that the candidate feels acquainted with the pattern of the exam. Similarly, candidates can simulate up to 40 (75 Question) exams and create thousands other several unique combinations with the question randomize feature. The updated study material is made relevant and focused to the exam. Efforts are made to make every attempt to write the exam close to the real one.

Just like the real exam scoring will be made available for candidates. When the candidate has completed the exam his percentage score will be calculated. Score will be based on a scale of 265 to 330 and those who score 300 are declared passed. Besides practicing on the computer, candidates can print the entire study material for their purposes. The study material can be printed for better and optimization learning.

Additionally, there is no need for internet connection to use the program as it can be installed on the computer and used off-line. With 99.4% Pass rate, it sure can boast to be one of the most sophisticated solutions for candidates. Apart from improving the process in supply chain, the qualification also assist in streamlining the operations through accurate forecasting and predicting the accurate outcomes. The outcomes will be based on certain facts and data.

The 2010 CPIM Exam Content Manual contains questions related to topics in the exam which may include Basics of Supply Chain Management, Master Planning of Resources, Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Execution and Control of Operations, Strategic Management of Resources, etc. Candidates can learn supplier relationships, quality control, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, strategies related to demand management, during the course.
The Supply Chain Management System Inc. develops CPIM Exam Simulator Software to help candidates clear the exam. With more than 3,000 questions which are prepared by expert and approved by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), candidates can accelerate in their learning. More information can be obtained at

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